With the blessing of Metropolitan Moses, we welcome you to our camp community group for this year’s Ss Peter and Paul Camp. For those returning, welcome back and for those who are new, we look forward to having you with us.

Our Camp mission is to provide an environment that fosters Orthodox Christian virtues of kindness, patience and love.


Here are a few things that you should know about the camp:

  • Arrival time to camp is 9:00 am and pick up time is 4:00 pm. When campers arrive they will place their backpacks in the designated area.
    Campers will have free-time until we have gathered for prayers (9:30) in the open area outside. After prayers, campers will be introduced to their counsellor, be given t-shirts and placed in their angel groups. Each group will have their tables under a tent where they will gather for crafts and this will be their “home base”.
  • Please ensure your child’s backpack and water bottle are clearly labelled with their name. All water bottles will be the responsibility of every camper. Any water refills will be given to the kitchen to take care of.
  • All campers should wear running shoes for camp or closed toe sport sandals.
  • A reminder this year all lunch/snacks will be great fasting food and are provided by the camp!
  • Girl campers should bring a kerchief and have a skort or skirt over shorts for prayers that occur beginning and the end of the day. Boy campers should wear long shorts.
  • Campers should respect and care for camp play equipment.
  • Since our camp is technology free, any device brought to the camp will be taken and stored in the kitchen until the end of the day. We hope our campers have a fun filled camp experience in the outdoors!


A big thank you to those in our parish who have donated time, t-shirts and money to help our camp so that our kids can have a spiritually profitable and fun week. May God bless their efforts!